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Truck Roadside Tire Service

Truck Roadside Tire Service

Commercial vehicles often break down on the roads. Deal on Wheels offers commercial vehicle roadside assistance when your fleet vehicle is in trouble. Our mobile mechanics have been providing reliable emergency road service to commercial customers all across North America for more than 45 years. Call Deals on Wheels today for Truck Roadside Tire Service. 561-847-4097

We are still the leader in quick service, economy, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Deal on Wheels is trusted by thousands of trucking companies, private fleets, and leasing companies as well as owner-operators and bus companies. We offer 24-hour emergency service and breakdown service for trucks.

We have access to the largest network of tire suppliers in the US, which means we can get you the best commercial truck tires at the lowest prices. Also, we can dispatch roadside service immediately. This allows us the flexibility to tailor services to different fleet needs. Deal on Wheels offers a range of discount and marketing programs to suit the needs of commercial vehicle owners.

We offer credit terms of 30 days for fleets that meet our criteria. This is to help customers financially. We are available to help you no matter where you live in Palm Beach or Martin County. Our team will provide prompt and efficient assistance. We are sure you’ll be satisfied.

The First Choice in Commercial Vehicle Roadside Assistance

Deal on Wheels offers superior commercial vehicle roadside service. Deal on Wheels has the expertise, network, and knowledge to provide truck repairs, towing, or any other service. We tailor our process to meet your specific needs. You decide how we serve you as a member. The rest is handled by our qualified vendors.

We will be there for you from the moment you contact us. We can connect you to a wide range of roadside assistance services, including heavy-duty towing or repairs. Truck Roadside Tire Service is easy to use and connects you with a wide range of vendors across the country.

Our professionals are available 24/7/365 to assist you. Our free membership offers prompt response times, continuous availability, and a reduction in the cost of fleet operations. We are a team that you will love to do the work for.

Reliable Service

Deal on Wheels was originally established to assist truckers with flat tires. We now offer mechanical repairs, towing and recovery, fleet maintenance, inspection programs, and on-site facility repairs. You can dial our number 24/7 and describe your situation. We will then dispatch assistance, which usually arrives in less than 30 minutes and always within an hour.


You can control how we handle your road service calls through our registration process. You decide the authorization procedure, billing requirements, data collection, reporting, and any other requirements. You can create customized reports showing usage history and cost accumulation to help you track expenses and identify issues.

Get immediate dispatch times via Stay Connected

Deal on Wheels members have access to online updates on road service calls and/or email alerts. This system allows you to receive real-time updates regarding ongoing and completed service calls.  Call Deals on Wheels today for Truck Roadside Tire Service. 561-847-4097

Truck Roadside Tire Service


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