SUV Rims

Upgrading the rims on your vehicle is probably the most popular modification, and your money can go a long way to giving you a sharp looking auto. Do you want to cruise in style with something flashy or would you prefer something conservative? SUV rims are more than just the metal discs supporting your tires; they make your SUV safer to drive and they can say a lot about your personality and style.

SUV RimsYou’ll probably want to put some thought into your final choice, because changing the size of your SUV wheels and tires too dramatically from the original factory specifications may void your manufacturer’s warranty, and it could affect brake performance. Larger SUV wheels may cause handling or steering changes, and rims that are too small may cause your SUV to sit very low to the ground.

SUV Rims

Do you want something lightweight and performance oriented or would you prefer heavy-duty rims that can take a beating during your off-roading adventures? Either way, Deals on Wheels has you covered!

There are two basic types of rims for your SUV: cast and steel. Steel SUV rims are produced from very heavy steel, which makes them durable. They have a more consistent composition and their heavier material allows them to take a pounding out on the road. They’re also the most cost-effective choice.

Cast SUV rims, on the other hand, are produced from aluminum alloy. They offer better flexibility and they’re rust resistant, which means they’ll stay shiny for a long time. They aren’t up to off roading, though, but their light weight means they’re perfect if you’re after speed.

Aftermarket and Custom SUV Wheels

SUV Rims

Deals on Wheels has a massive selection of aftermarket SUV rims, including 1-piece, 2-piece and 3-piece custom wheel packages. We’ll offer you the best deal if you want to buy rims and new tires together! We have factory custom rims along with used and new brands, and we stock the largest supply in West Palm Beach.

We’ll help you give your SUV a first-rate upgrade for a smooth ride, guaranteed. We’ll even hunt down hard-to-find sizes or styles of SUV rims to get you the tires and wheels you can afford on your budget.

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