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RimYou can change the look of any auto, even an old clunker with new rims and wheels and Deals on Wheels can help you get the look you want at an affordable price. Rim and wheel deals are common at our tire store and we can help you choose an incredible look that’s well within your budget. We have rims for sale that look expensive and yet are cheap rims.

For best performance, it’s important to understand terms like centerbore, offset and bolt pattern. You will also need to find a good mix of width and diameter. Your wheel diameter determines the amount of the wheel that’s visible and nowadays motorists are going big. Just a few years back, smaller rim sizes were more popular but today people want 24 inch wheels and even larger and we have a great selection of discount wheels in all sizes.

Rims for Sale

Aftermarket rim and wheel deals remain popular because you can get a high-end look for low prices. Aftermarket wheels come in all brands and sizes and you can even special order exactly what you want. Your car’s systems were designed to work best with a specific wheel diameter, so keep that in mind when shopping. Your performance, stability and control, even your anti-lock brakes can be affected by the wheels and tires.

Cheap Wheels

Deals on Wheels has a great selection of cheap rims at low prices and we are conveniently located in the West Palm Beach area. We’re open six days a week and have a huge inventory of new and used tires and discount wheels. Our used tires are checked & tested rigorously and we guarantee our products and services. We stand behind every product.

We also offer great deals on lease return tires and tire and rim specials. If you purchase your tires and wheels together, you get a good discount, plus this is the best way to ensure that you are buying the right rim for your tires. Stop by anytime and check out our rim & wheel deals. You won’t find a better selection of rims for sale in south Florida.


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