Helpful Tips on Choosing Rim Sizes

Today’s automobile owner is looking for something different when it comes to tires and rims. 22 inch rims have always been popular, but so have 20 inch rims and 24 inch rim sizes. While these are all great choices, there are some unique ways to create a one-of-a-kind look by combining larger or smaller rims and tires.

Get Some Flashy 22 inch Rims!

For instance, a handsome set of Crave 22 inch rims with Michelin tires will give any auto a fresh, new vibe. American Racing wheels remain popular whether you’re looking for something for the family car or a muscle car. Try combining a 20 inch rim with a gorgeous Yokohama tire. If you’re searching for high-performance tires, Yokohama offers some excellent selections.

Many drivers nowadays are opting for larger-than-normal wheels and tires. It’s a look you’ll either love or hate but it definitely draws attention.  Lexani offers a wide range of sharp looking wheels from sizes 20 inch rims to 28 inch rims. You can get them in a black machined or chrome finish. They also come in custom colors and more and more drivers are choosing funky custom wheel in greens, reds and yellows.

The ATX Mojave offers great performance for everyday driving. The 22 inch rims give a vehicle responsive characteristics and predictable handling to give you an exceptional driving experience every time.

Some car owners are choosing to go small instead of big with 16 inch rims, 17 inch rims, and 18 inch rims. These smaller wheels may surprise you with their sleek modern design and high performance. These do well on cars like the Honda Integra and the Chevy Aveo.

The right set of custom rims and tires can increase your vehicle’s stability and cornering capabilities plus you’ll get sharper steering response. That’s an important tip to remember when looking for new rims and tires: be sure to balance ride quality with performance and looks and you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

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