Regardless of what kind of auto you drive, adding some classy new rims will enhance the appearance and improve the value of your ride. At Deals on Wheels we can help you achieve just the look you want for a price that fits your pocketbook. If you are close to needing some new tires as well, be sure to check into one of our tire and rim packages. Our tire and rim packages will give you the quality wheels and tires you want at an affordable price.

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Deals on Wheels handles just about every top name brand of rims in the business. And our experts on staff can help you choose the right size. It’s important to understand how the wheel diameter will affect your ride. Our technicians can explain terms like offset, center bore, and bolt pattern. Many drivers today are looking for oversized wheels but it’s imperative to choose something that will not compromise your car’s maneuverability.

Aftermarket Rims

Aftermarket rims give you the best of both worlds. They offer the same high performance and stunning visual appeal, but at a lower price that is very affordable.  For good performance, you’ll want the right mix of diameter and width. The wheel diameter determines how much of the wheel is visible to the naked eye. Since tires have flexible sidewalls, multiple tire sizes will fit on a variety of rim widths. The rule of thumb is that for every half-inch variation in rim width, a tire’s section width will change by 2/10 of an inch.

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At Deals on Wheels, we have rim and tire experts who can make recommendations about what styles and sizes might look best on your vehicle. We stock all the popular brands of alloy and steel wheels like Konig, Mickey Thompson, American Racing, ATX, and many of those European brands. For instance, if you’ve been searching for an O.Z. Italia 150 wheel, we can get that ordered for you and have it in stock within a couple of days.  We love challenges here at Deals on Wheels so just come by and tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll find it for you.

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We have a huge inventory of new and used tires and discount rims. Our products are fully guaranteed and we stand behind each one. Stop by and check out our rims today.