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What’s Leaking? Fluid Color Tells All!

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When it comes to your car, all sorts of different systems can eventually leak as gaskets and hoses break down or other problems arise. The fluids in your car each serve an important purpose, and ignoring a leak can cost you a lot of money down the road. Before you can fix a leak, you need to know exactly what is leaking.

One way to narrow down what’s leaking from your car is by looking at the color of the fluid.

If the leaked fluid is orange, it can indicate a few possible spots. First, your radiator can have rust in it that causes your antifreeze to appear orange. Second, depending on the age of your transmission fluid, it can appear orange as well.

Red fluid can indicate that your transmission has a faulty seal or that the return line that feeds transmission fluid between systems has a hole in it. The red fluid can also indicate a power steering fluid leak.

Radiator fluid can be the culprit if you see yellow fluid leaking from your car. A damaged o-ring or a loose hose clamp can be the cause of the leak. Also, be sure to use the type of coolant your car manufacturer recommends, as using the wrong kind of coolant can cause leaks as well.

If you see clear fluid, then you likely have nothing to worry about. Your car’s air conditioning system builds up condensation when it runs, which will drip out and potentially cause a little puddle under your car.

A green fluid often is antifreeze leaking. It can be leaking from your water pump, hoses, or even your radiator.

Blue fluid is likely windshield wiper fluid. The reservoir and tubing that holds the windshield wiper fluid will degrade over time and may need replacing.

Pink fluid can indicate there is a leak from your transmission or from your power steering fluid.

Dark brown can indicate trouble in your brake system. It also can indicate an oil leak. Oil can appear dark brown or black once it gets older.

Light brown liquid can be one of two leak types. It may indicate an oil leak if your oil is newer. It also could be gear lubricant. You can often tell the difference by smell, as gear lubricant has an unpleasant smell.

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