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Used Tire Buying Guide

Used Tires West Palm Beach

While it’s great to have new tires, used tires can be just as good if you know what to look for. And when buying used instead of new, you’ll keep quite a bit of cash in your pocket. Here is what you should know before buying used tires to ensure you’re getting a good product for a good deal.

Search Used Tires Thoroughly for Defects

You can easily tell if a tire has dry rot or cracking by taking a look inside at the condition of the rubber. Check for exposed cords on the inner liner that could mean that the tire is dangerous to use. Make sure to check for any tread separation from the tire casing and any other abnormalities. Check for large or unpatched punctures on the surface of the tire, too. Have you checked the tire for patching? Make sure the patch is sturdy and not too close to either sidewall.

Check Tread for Depth and Uneven Wear

Performing the penny test is a quick and easy way to tell whether the tire tread is too low for safety. Put a penny in a groove within the tread so that the top of Lincoln’s head is towards the tire. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head while the penny is touching the tire, the tire is legally bald. This makes it unsafe for driving.

Uneven wear can mean that the tire wasn’t properly aligned when mounted. You shouldn’t buy a tire with uneven tread. If you do, you risk the tire wearing down too quickly in some places, becoming dangerous.

Check the Age of the Tire and the UTQG Rating

Never buy a tire, used or not, that is older than 6 years. Regardless of whether the tire was ever used, dry rot can attack the rubber and start cracking along the edges of the rubber. When you’re checking the age of a tire make sure that the DOT label is present along with a four-digit number that indicates the week and year the tire was created. 5217 indicates the tire was created in the 52nd week of 2017.

Try to check on a UTQG rating of a tire before deciding to buy. The UTQG rating indicates how good the tire ranks in tread durability, heat resistance, and traction. Traction can be graded based on how quickly the car will be able to stop. Grading starts at C (the lowest) and goes to AA (the highest). Tread wear is graded based on how long it takes to wear down over time. Grading starts at a base of 100 and climbs as tread lasts longer.

Make Sure You’re Getting Good Deals on Wheels and Used Tires in West Palm Beach

After checking everything off your list to make sure you’re buying the best used tires, don’t be afraid to ask questions or check it out thoroughly. Always check the original price of a tire before buying a used one to see that you’re getting a good deal. Most importantly, shop at Deals on Wheels for a tire dealer you can trust. Call us today at 561-947-4097 for pricing on the best used tires in South Florida.

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