How Regular Car Maintenance in West Palm Beach Saves You Money

Car Maintenance West Palm Beach - Quick oil changes and other regular vehicle maintenance at Deals on Wheels saves you a lot of money.jpeg

Sometimes taking care of your vehicle when nothing is wrong can feel like you are throwing away your money. However, the opposite is actually true – spending money on maintenance now can save you hundreds or even thousands on repair later. Here are some routine vehicle maintenances that can save you some money in the […]

Getting Ready for Summer? Start with a Radiator Flush in West Palm Beach!

Summertime is all about keeping cool. But have you thought about keeping your car’s engine cool? At Deals on Wheels, we know that a radiator flush in West Palm Beach can go a long way when it comes to keeping your engine cool this summer. Your engine has many moving parts that keep things in […]

Who Can Fix My Car with Full Mechanical Services?

Used Tires West Palm Beach FL

When it comes to keeping your car in great shape, you may not know the best way to get started. At Deals on Wheels, we’re here to help keep your car in great shape with our full mechanical services in West Palm Beach. Our ASE certified mechanics can get your car back in full working […]

Why Keep Your Steering and Suspension Properly Aligned?

Semi Truck Roadside Service

No one likes to think they will have an emergency while driving, but with over 10 million accidents occurring each year across the U.S. the chances are that you will be in a few close calls from time to time. The difference between a close call and a full-blown accident is often the condition of […]

Why Does Your Vehicle Need Proper Wheel Alignment?

Though there are many reasons why you should always keep your vehicle’s wheel alignment in proper condition, the number one reason is that you will wear out tires too quickly. When we spend hundreds of dollars on a great set of tires, we expect them to last a long time and they should last for […]

Wheel Alignment: Common Signs of a Misaligned Vehicle

Commercial Truck Tires

How can you tell if your wheels are out of alignment? Though sometimes these signs are unmistakable, there are other instances where you may not be aware. If you have noticed that your steering wheel pulls to the left or to the right as you are traveling down the road, then your wheels may be […]

Best Mechanic in West Palm Beach

For years, Deals on Wheels has been known as the West Palm Beach tire shop where you can always get low prices and fast service on quality rims and tires. But lately, we are gaining a reputation for offering top quality mechanic services also. We work on all types of passenger cars, light-duty trucks and […]