Tire Shop in West Palm Beach

Deals on Wheels is one of those old-fashioned tire shops in the South Florida area where you can still get good advice about wheels and tires. These days it can be tough to find that, especially in those large chain stores. Our tire experts are well educated on all the finer points of tires and […]

Used Tire Shops Near Me

Used Tire Shops Near Me

Most of us have experienced it. On our way to work or school, we hear the dreaded sound that is a flat or blowout. You have a damaged tire, and your vehicle is immobile because of some road debris. This can lead to frustration. You will now need to get your car to a repair […]

Boat Trailer Tire

Trailer Repair West Palm Beach

Many boat trailers will have different requirements, and for different reasons, some of these will require special tires. Special tires are not the most exciting thing in the world until one of those wheels takes a spill and ruins the whole boat while driving down the highway. Then, special tires quickly become the focal point […]

24 Hour Commercial Tire Service

Emergency Roadside Assistance Near Me

If you need assistance with your commercial truck tires or if you are not sure what type of tire support to purchase, you can count on a 24 Hour Commercial Tire Service. These companies provide emergency roadside assistance, which may be needed when your vehicle breaks down or if there is an accident. In addition, […]

Commercial Trailer Tires

Commercial Trailer Tires

When looking at commercial trailer tires or recreational vehicles (RV’s), there may be two things that are immediately apparent: the size of the tires, and the look of them. The appearance of your commercial trailer tires is secondary; what is important is the quality of the tires and the overall condition of the trailer itself. […]

Motor Home Tires

Camper Tires Near Me

Looking to take your Motor home somewhere but can’t find tires, well at Deals on Wheels we can get you back on the road. We have a great selection of Motor Home Tires for a great price. While most Motor Home owners use their motor home for camping, road trips, and whenever they have guests […]

Semi Truck Tires

Roadside Service for Semi Trucks

Finding Semi-Truck Tires can be a pain and the last thing you want to think about before hitting the road is where to find tires that will even fit your truck. At Deals on Wheels, we have everything to fit your needs to allow you to focus on the road ahead. Driving a semi-truck is […]

Commercial Truck Tires

Commercial Truck Tires

If a company owns one or a fleet of bucket trucks, they are possibly the best operations asset that a company can ever own. Like any other commercial vehicle, buying commercial tires can really cost any company a considerable amount of money. Yet the benefit of getting brand name and quality wheels can far outweigh […]

Mobile Tire Repair Near Me

Mobile Tire Repair Near Me

Service your truck according to your manufacturer’s recommended truck service schedule. For example, a heavy commercial truck can handle a grease job every 1900 to 3100 miles. This would be on the safe side and summer heat would be more beneficial to be on the lower side, you can go higher but risk higher truck […]

Used Tire Buying Guide

Used Tires West Palm Beach

While it’s great to have new tires, used tires can be just as good if you know what to look for. And when buying used instead of new, you’ll keep quite a bit of cash in your pocket. Here is what you should know before buying used tires to ensure you’re getting a good product […]