What is Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS)

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Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS) The NHTSA has rated over 2,400 tire lines, including tires for passenger cars, SUVs, minivans, and light pickup trucks using a system called the Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS). The system is designed to take all the important factors into consideration such as traction performance, treadwear, and temperature resistance. […]

The Basics of Tire Upgrade or Plus Sizing

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Tire upgrade or plus sizing has become really popular, especially among younger drivers. This involves upgrading the original tires and/or wheels on your car for bigger, wider versions. This offers a unique and sporty look. The problems come when drivers just buy whatever looks good to them without checking their performance first. There are basically […]

Summer Travel Safety Tips

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Summer has come and millions of Americans will surely hit the highways for a summer travel vacation. Some families go to visit relatives in other states and others try to get out to visit popular tourist attractions like Yosemite, the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls. Triple A, the motor club, is projecting that over a […]

Tire Aging: When to Replace Tires and How to Extend Service Life

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Tire Aging Tire aging is unavoidable especially if you use your vehicle on a daily basis. As tires age, it also wears out until it comes to a point that you need to replace them to avoid accidents. When To Replace Tires? The simple answer to the question about when to replace tires is when […]

How Do Valve Caps on Tires Add Safety?

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If you’ve ever wondered what the small black valve caps on your tires are for, then you are not alone. Many drivers have asked about that. Most people aren’t even aware of whether they still have valve caps on all of their tires and if your car is more than a few years old, then […]

Fuel Saving Tips: Track and Improve Gas Mileage

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Track Your Car’s Gas Mileage Most of us kind of recall what the sticker on our car said the gas mileage would be but when is the last time you actually tested it? Tracking your mileage in real time is a great way to find out exactly what your vehicle really gets in day-to-day driving. […]