Do I Really Need a New Air Filter?

Your automobile is a precision electro-mechanical instrument that constantly needs maintenance. The sensors and computer technology that tweak it for performance are nuanced and constantly calculating the ideal air and fuel mixture to produce something called Stoich. Stoich is a mathematical calculation that quantifies the ideal atomized fuel and air mixture needed for complete combustion. […]

3 Benefits of a Wheel Alignment

If your car pulls to the left or right when you’re driving, or if you have noticed uneven tire wear on your vehicle, then it’s probably time to have your wheels aligned. Don’t skip this important maintenance task. Instead, be aware of the multiple benefits of having a wheel alignment. 1.       Make Your Tires Last […]

I Need Affordable Brake Repair in West Palm Beach

Brake Inspection West Palm Beach FL

You want your car to last you as long as possible. Your car gets you to work, school, and everywhere else you need to go. Keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicle is important to ensure that your car is running well and won’t break down on you. Your brakes are one of the […]

Fast Oil Change in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Tire Shop

When you need a quick and reliable company to perform an oil change, you should trust a company who knows what they are doing. We understand that life can come at you fast and you might not have time to make an appointment weeks out for an oil change. Therefore, we welcome anyone for walk-in […]

Give Your Car the Gift of Used Tires in West Palm Beach!

Semi Truck Roadside Service

During the holidays, it’s always tough to find that perfect gift. Maybe you’ve got the perfect gifts for your friends, family and loved ones. But, what about a gift for your car? At Deals on Wheels, we know that a gift for your car is really a gift that’s great for you too! That’s because […]

Start the New Year with Auto Repair Services in West Palm Beach!

Are you ready to start off the new year on a great note? It’s a great idea to start with your car! At Deals on Wheels, we offer the very best auto repair services in West Palm Beach. We know that getting your car in great shape is the best way to start your new […]

Why Should I Get My Car Aligned in West Palm?

Semi Truck Roadside Service

When it comes to keeping your car in shape, alignment is key. It’s important to ensure that your car’s alignment is in shape. Why should I get my car aligned? Well, if your car isn’t aligned, you may have issues with your tires and even your car’s fuel efficiency. Proper alignment keeps everything running smoothly. […]

Used Tire Shop in West Palm Beach

Are your tires becoming worn? If so, replacing your tires should be a priority for you. You don’t want to drive on old or worn out tires and if you’re looking for tires in West Palm Beach come visit us at Deals on Wheels. We have a large selection of the best brands of tires […]

Affordable Brake Repair West Palm Beach

Making sure your brakes are in good condition is one of the most important things for your vehicle. If your brakes don’t work properly, there is a much better chance you will get in an accident. Getting a brake inspection or getting new brakes can help the longevity of your vehicle. Normal driving will cause […]