When and How Often Cars Should Have Brake Inspection?

Brake maintenance should never be treated lightly. Every single day, people find themselves in emergency situations where they must stop quickly. If your brakes are faulty, you may not be able to make that all-important stop that protects you and your passengers from injury. Many drivers never bother about their brakes unless they stop working, but is this the standard for brake inspection?

Brake Inspection
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How Often to Have a Brake Inspection

If you’ve been driving the same car for more than three years with no brake service, you can be sure that the brake pads are worn. Even if you don’t notice anything unusual, it’s still a good idea to get them checked. Since brakes wear down gradually, you probably don’t have the same braking power you once had. You may not notice it though.

When to Have a Brake Inspection

There are numerous very good indicators of faulty brakes. You should get a brake service inspection done if you experience any of the following:

  • You press it farther to the floor than usual
  • The brake pedal seems spongy
  • You feel vibrations or hear noises during braking
  • Vehicle pulls to the left or right when braking

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Most brake pads made today have built-in metallic components that can sometimes put off a slight squeal in certain circumstances. This is a different sound than that of brakes going out or pads wearing thin. If your brakes are several years old and you hear an unusual noise or squeal, then you should have them checked out. Brakes that are in a mediocre condition can quickly become dangerous in some situations.

For instance, if we get a heavy rain and your brakes get wet, they will not perform well if they’re already worn down and squealing. Replacing your Brake Pads is not that difficult but many people just don’t like getting greasy and spending the time to do it themselves. Instead, work with a reputable local garage with well-trained technicians. They’ll do a good job and have you in and out in an hour. The work is usually guaranteed as well, so if you have any problems, you can go right back to the garage and get help. When you do it yourself, there’s no warranty on the work.

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