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Brake pads use friction to convert kinetic energy to thermal energy. A brake caliper contains two brake pads that are squeezed together into the spinning rotor to stop or slow your vehicle. Each time you press the brakes, the pads are heated slightly and the friction causes a tiny bit of wear to the pads. Over time, the pads become so worn that they must be replaced.

Your brakes are so important and yet we all take them for granted. We press the brake pedal and never imagine that the car won’t stop. Because the braking system is so crucial to your safety, it’s not a bad idea to do a little brake maintenance from time to time. How often you do this depends upon your driving habits.

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If you use your car quite a bit and drive over 300 miles per week, then everything on your car will wear out sooner. If you’re the proverbial little old lady who only drives to church once a week, then you may not need to check them very often. Studies show that regular brake maintenance can extend the life of your brakes, but this also applies to everything on an auto. Checking your tires, engine coolants, getting tune-ups, etc. will help you to detect problems early on.

Brake Maintenance Tips

Begin with selecting the best brands of products for your car. Try to avoid using cheap brands of brake pads and rotors. If you can catch a big sale, you can often get top name brands just as cheap as the generic brands. This goes for tires, wheels, engine parts and all sorts of items. Just wait for a big sale and get the best brands possible.

Check your brake fluid regularly. Often, when you have your oil changed, the mechanic will also check all the fluids but don’t assume this is true; be sure to ask. Again use a good brand and avoid cheap fluids. If you notice any odd noises when you push the brake pedal, have that checked right away. You can damage your brake drums by leaving worn out pads on the car. This will cost double what it normally would to repair.

Brake Maintenance Tips

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