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How to Know When Your Brake Rotors Need to be Changed

It’s often a good idea to replace your brake rotors when you change your brake pads, but how do you know when your brake rotors need to be changed? You probably don’t think about your car or truck’s brakes very often, but they’re a most important safety feature and should always be kept in top working order. Sometimes you’ll notice squealing brakes, which are a clear sign that something isn’t right with your brake system, but you shouldn’t rely on sound alone.

Brake RotorsInspecting Brake Rotors and Pads

Use your eyes to do regular visual inspections of your brake pads, which should be visible through your wheels. Turn your steering wheel until the wheels are pointed very far to the left or right, exposing the insides of the wheels. You should now be able to tell how much thickness is remaining on your brake pads. You should be able to see at least a quarter inch.

When brakes are exerted during driving, they will put pressure against your brake rotors to bring your car to a stop. Over time, these brake rotors wear down and you may notice a small groove in the rotor, which is very dangerous. Brake rotors should be smooth with an uninterrupted surface free of rust.

Using Your Ears

You can also tell if your brake rotors or pads need to be replaced by unusual noises when you drive. Squeaking or squealing are clear signs, as well as grinding. If you hear grinding, it’s time to visit a mechanic immediately as this is a sure sign your pads have worn down right to the metal, and you may ruin your brake motors.

Anti-Lock Braking System

Does your car have ABS? If so, letting the brake pads or brake rotors wear down to the metal is dangerous. ABS has sensors that warn you when the brakes are low. If you continue driving, it will damage the ABS sensor which will also need to be replaced.

Brake Rotors

Vibrations During Braking

Finally, if you press down on the brake pedal and feel wobbling or vibrations, it’s a clear sign that your brake rotors have twisted or warped, which is even more likely if you also hear a grinding sound. Brakes get very hot when they’re used and metal can warp easily. This wobbling may mean your brake pads are failing to make contact with your brake rotors.

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