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How to Choose the Right Tires in West Palm Beach

Commercial Truck Tires

Tires West Palm Beach FLChoosing the right tire size can be tough if you’re not an expert when it comes to your vehicle’s wheels. At Deals on Wheels, we’re experts when it comes to matching your vehicle with the perfect tires in West Palm Beach. Wondering how to find the right tire size for your front and back tires? We’re here to help!

Did you know that front and back tires in West Palm Beach are often different sizes? This staggered tire sizing is often best for rear wheel drive vehicles. Most sedans and standard vehicles will have tires that match in diameters, and you can count on our experts at Deals on Wheels to choose the perfect tires for your car.

How Do I Know My Tire Size?

Finding your tire’s size starts with inspecting the tire itself. The sidewall of your existing tires has all the information you’ll need to choose the right tires for your new set. There are numbers that are separated by either sideways slashes or the letter x. These numbers give you plenty of information about your existing tires, and if you’re looking to replace things with a perfect match, this information is your best bet.

Our team at Deals on Wheels suggests writing down these numbers to make things easier. Each number means different things. Information such as your tire width, aspect ratio, rim diameter and load index can help you make the right tire replacement decisions. Your tire’s width is the most important information, and it’s usually the first 3 numbers along your sidewall, such as “P125” or “LT15” tires. There are many brands and makes that will fit your tire replacement needs. Even used tires can be the perfect replacement!

Tip: When replacing your car’s tires, make sure that the load amount and speed ratings are equal to or higher than the original tires you’re replacing.

Are My Tires the Same All Around? What’s the Difference Between Front and Back Tires?

In many vehicles, the front tires may have different load capacities than the rear tires. For example, your front tires may have higher load index in the front if you have a normal passenger car. That’s because your car’s engine can bring extra weight that requires a higher load capacity.

Your vehicle may have a higher load index and pressure recommendation for the back tires if you have a vehicle such as a truck. This is because the truck bed may often experience higher weights than the front due to carrying heavy loads.

To learn more about your tire sizes, or to find the best help for choosing tires for your vehicle, it’s time to call or experts at Deals on Wheels. We can help you choose the best tires for your vehicle, whether you’re looking for new or used. For the best tires in West Palm Beach, give our shop a call at (561) 847-4097.


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