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How Do I Know if Need to Replace My Tires?

How Do I Know if Need to Replace My Tires?What’s the most important part of your car? Its tires! Think about it, your car’s tires are the only thing that connects your vehicle to the road. So it’s incredibly important to have the best tires around. At Deals on Wheels, we’re here to outfit your car with the best used and new tires around. Whether you’re looking for one used tire or a full new set of tires in West Palm Beach, we can keep your car safely on the road. How do I know if I need to replace my tires? There are some major signs that your tires are due for a change, including:

  • Messed up alignment. Your car’s alignment can get a little wonky from time to time, but if your alignment is all out of sorts, then your tires aren’t wearing evenly. This can result in reduced tire safety and reduced fuel economy. Don’t let your tires wear unevenly, we can fix things with an alignment and a new set of tires in West Palm Beach.
  • You’re constantly filling your tires. Over time, your car tires will naturally lose some air as you drive. But if you keep filling your tires with air more than monthly, it’s more than likely that you have a slow leak in your tires. Don’t let a little leak become a big problem, we can help with new tires.
  • Your tires fail the Penny Test. You can test your tire tread depth by inserting a penny head down into the tread of your tires. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head, then your tires have shallow tread depth and they should be replaced. Shallow tread depth can result in a slew of safety and performance issues, so it’s imperative to make the switch to a new set of tires in West Palm Beach.
  • Your ride isn’t smooth anymore. As your tires lose air, they can start to become jolted or uneven as you attempt to drive. Are you noticing that your once smooth ride is now bumpy and unpleasant? Then chances are, you’re driving with damaged tires! Don’t put up with an uneven ride, we can help you switch to great new tires.

These are just a few of the major signs that it’s time to make the switch to a new set of tires in West Palm Beach. At Deals on Wheels, we offer the most affordable and fastest tire replacements, whether you’re looking for new or used. We’ll happily replace one tire, or we’ll replace all your tires with our high quality options. You can also complete your new set of tires with a great new set of rims as well. Drive on in and pay us a visit at 3292 Shawnee Ave #9 in West Palm Beach today!

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