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When Does Your Car Need Battery Replacement?

Semi Truck Battery Replacement Near Me

Car repairs can be expensive and stressful. No one likes it when their car breaks down, especially on a busy highway. This can be dangerous and there’s no way to prepare for such occurrences. Imagine you’re driving to work in stop and go traffic and suddenly, right in the middle of the road, your car dies and won’t start again. This is embarrassing and dangerous. You try and try to get it started again but finally have to call a tow truck. Now you’ll have to miss the day’s work, pay for the towing and hope for a low estimate at from the car mechanic.

Though this is quite a common scenario, it’s still very painful if it happens to you. One thing you can do to prevent common automobile problems is to perform regular preventative maintenance on your car. This becomes especially important as your car ages. When it’s brand-new, it’s not likely to have an issue with the brakes, tires, and battery. Auto breakdowns are also worse in areas with really cold weather. A long cold winter can take its toll on your battery and tires.

Car Battery Replacement
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When Should You Replace Your Car’s Battery?

Testing a battery to make sure it’s still good is easy if you have a multi-meter. This device can also be used to check the alternator. The multi-meter will show you whether the batter still has a good charge or not. If it seems low, then you can purchase a new battery and install it for under $100.

To make your car’s battery last longer, make sure you perform regular maintenance. Here are a few tips:

As soon as winter is over, it’s a good idea to check everything. Have your oil, tires and battery checked as basic preventive maintenance. If your battery is over three or four years old, make a habit of checking it each year before the cold weather hits. To save some cash, you can check the battery yourself. Simply raise the hood and check the battery cables first. These can become corroded with battery acid, preventing a steady flow of current. If the cables look worn or corroded, these can be easily cleaned or replaced.

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Cleaning battery cables is simple to do using a baking soda and water solution. Simply pour this over the cables and allow it to dissolve away the goop or use a brush to remove corrosion. If you still need to replace the cables, you’ll need a screwdriver and a pair of pliers to unhook the cables from the posts. They also need to be removed from the car’s frame. Always remove the negative cable first.

If you need help doing all these, go to your most trusted auto repair shop. It’s always a great assurance to have the professionals do the work on your car.

Car Battery Replacement

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