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Tire Maintenance Tip: How To Avoid Flat Tire

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How To Avoid Flat Tires

If you do a lot of driving, then you understand how important your tires are. No one likes to wake up in the morning and rush out the door to work only to find that they have a flat tire.

Tire Maintenance Tip: Avoiding Flat Tire

It’s important to check all your tires thoroughly right before taking a long trip. Make sure you have all the components for your jack in the trunk, along with a good spare tire.

When tires are worn and need replacing, they get damaged much easier. That’s why it’s a good idea to do the Penny Test occasionally to ensure that you have sufficient tread.

Doing the Penny Test

Everyone’s heard of the penny test but many are not sure about how to do it properly. Start with a shiny penny so you can easily see Abe Lincoln’s outline. Take the penny and hold it by the bottom. Next, insert the penny between the treads on the tires. If any part of Lincoln’s head is covered by tread, then your tires are okay.

The actual fraction is 2/32 of an inch and tire manufacturers recommend replacing tires once the tread goes below that number. Hard or fast driving can be dangerous once tires are worn out. It’s just easier to get a flat or a blow-out, so slow down and avoid bumpy areas when you’re driving on worn tires.

Watch Where you Drive!

Certain areas of the city contain more hazards. Any driving around construction sites can result in a flat tire. You’ll find roofing nails, strips of metal or wood, screws and all types of debris that can cause a flat. Driving over rough, country terrain can also be hard on tires. Grassy areas may have hidden hazards like broken glass, nails and screws.

If you do get a flat, be sure to drop by Deals on Wheels right away and have it fixed. It is not recommended to drive on those temporary spares or “Donuts” for long. This can throw your wheel alignment out very quickly and cause additional wear on your other tires. We can get you in and out fast!

Tire Maintenance Tip

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