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Tips To Maintain Your Car Air Conditioning System

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Car Air Conditioning System
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The warm Florida weather makes it essential for your car’s air conditioning system to always be working properly. In newer cars, you’ll hardly ever have a problem but older autos can see all sorts of issues. Some of the most common are:

  • Leaks along the lines that allow refrigerant to escape
  • Drive belt tension
  • Service port caps missing
  • Loose or defective compressor mounting brackets

It’s fairly simple to tell when your air isn’t working: the A/C doesn’t get cold any more. However, there are other signs that include an odd noise in the air conditioning system or unusual smells. If the air is still working but it just doesn’t seem to be as cold as it should be, then this often means that you’re low on refrigerant.

One thing that drivers all have in common is that they often put off getting car repairs seen about until they become a big problem. With an A/C system, this can be a mistake. For instance, if you have loose brackets, they can fail altogether causing major damage to the compressor.  Take the car in right away to an experienced A/C shop and have the lines, hoses, compressor, refrigerant etc. all checked out. The sooner you get it seen about, the smaller your repair bills in most cases.

Tips for Better Service

It’s best to run your A/C every week so that the hoses don’t harden. This maintains the gas pressure as well. If you’ve been noticing an ugly smell, then turn the unit to its coolest setting and run on the defrost mode for about 10 minutes. This will clear out the musty odor and prevent mildew in the system.

To keep your car’s air conditioning system running properly year round, have it serviced about every two years. The technician will recharge the system with gas and lubricant and check to make sure everything is in good shape and working well.

Protecting the Environment

Refrigerant gases such as R12 and R134a can cause significant damage to the ozone layer. Be cautious if attempting to refill the car’s refrigerant yourself.  Never knowingly release excessive amounts of refrigerant into the atmosphere.

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