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Brake Services from Deals on Wheels

Brake Repair FloridaGood brakes are essential, especially in a busy city like West Palm Beach. People come from all over the world to visit our beautiful city and many of them are just excited to be on vacation in such a lovely place. Tourists fill the south Florida area each year and while they bring a lot of money into the area, they also create quite a bit of traffic and congestion.

When you’re traveling the roads and highway with out-of-towners who aren’t sure if they should turn here or the next street, you’d better be able to stop on a dime. If your brakes fail, then you may just be meeting one of these dear sweet tourists face-to-face. And any accident, even a fender bender, will ruin your day.

If you’ve noticed some squeaking and grinding sounds when you go to put on the brakes, then this is an indication that your brake shoes are wearing thin and should be replaced. Sometimes drivers ignore that familiar sound and wind up ruining their brake drums. This will cost a lot more to repair. It’s best to come on down to Deals and Wheels as soon as you hear those grinding noises from the brakes.

Cost-Effective Brake Services

We now offer expert brake repair service for cars, SUV’s, or light duty trucks. Our brake technician can perform a thorough brake inspection and let you know the precise condition. Our brake service is not only affordable, but backed by our exceptional guarantee. Many cars have disc brakes that have a set of heat-resistant pads that can wear down with each push on the brake pedal. You may have to press harder each time in order to stop.

Get New Brakes at Deals on Wheels


At Deals on Wheels, we install name brand products when replacing brake pads and/or drums. We’ve built a good reputation in the West Palm Beach area as a business that stands behind its products and services. Why not call or stop by next time you need brakes? At Deals on Wheels you can get low prices on name brand tires, rims and now our brake service as well.

Call us today at (561) 847-4097 to avail great deals on our brake services

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