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Why Are Regular Oil Changes So Important?

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Scheduling regular oil changes as part of routine car maintenance is important in ensuring that it’s running its best. Oil changes keep your engine running smoothly, boost gas mileage, and extend the life of your car’s engine. Here are five reasons why regular changes are so important.


  • Cleans Your Engine


Getting an oil change helps ensure your engine is running smoothly. New oil helps lubricate and clean everything in your engine. Fresh oil also keeps metal parts from grinding against one another and causing damage to your engine. It helps remove any dirt and other debris that collects in your engine. The longer you drive your car in between changes, your oil’s ability to perform these essential functions diminishes.


  • Better Gas Mileage


Given the fact that fresh oil helps a car’s engine run better, this also means that your car will use fuel more efficiently. This helps improve the overall gas mileage for your car and helps you save money on fuel each month.


  • Increases Your Engine’s Lifespan


When oil is not regularly changed, it becomes dirty and causes friction between all the moving parts in your engine. This will wear things down and eventually lead to engine failure. Routine oil changes help ensure that you will be able to drive your car for many miles before you have to take drastic measures to fix your engine.


  • Helps Mechanics Find Other Glaring Issues


When a mechanic goes in to check your oil, they may also catch other things that could lead to issues later on. For instance, if there are pieces of metal in the oil, it’s usually a good indicator that a piece of the engine is falling apart. It’s much better to know this ahead of time, before your car breaks down in the middle of the road.


  • Ensures Compliance With Manufacturer Warranties


A warranty on your car will usually require that you’ve done your job and had regular maintenance performed on your vehicle. If regular oil changes are not performed, the warranty on your car could be voided. In other words, neglecting to have the oil changed in your car not only causes problems with your engine, but on top of that, you may not even be protected by a warranty if something happens to your car.

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Getting your oil changed ensures that your car is running smoothly and you’ll be safe on the road. Be sure to contact Deals on Wheels at (561) 847-4097 for a quick oil change in West Palm Beach.

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