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Top 5 Car Battery Maintenance Tips

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car batteryYour car battery is what really keeps everything going. We’ve all gone out on a cold morning, gotten in the car and turned the key only to get nothing but that ugly clicking sound. Though this is not as prevalent in warmer climates, it happens quite frequently in cold areas. Once the temperature dips down around 30 degrees, you might find that your battery just couldn’t handle it and died on you. This always happens on the coldest day when you’re already late for work. Usually, there’s nothing you can do about it except replace the battery yourself or call a tow truck.

In order to avoid this scenario, you can take a few battery maintenance steps that will ensure that you get the maximum years out of your battery. This is not only good for you as a driver but it’s good for our environment.

Take advantage of these 5 tips below and you may not be faced with the cold possibility of a dead battery.

Tip #1 – Dirt and Grime

Dirt, grease, oxidation and grime are the enemies of your battery cables. Certain climates with higher humidity and close proximity to salt water usually have more of a problem. Clean the battery cables regularly several different ways. Mix baking soda and water, then pour over the terminals. Scrub with a wire brush. Be sure to avoid getting this mixture in your eyes. Rinse when done. Carbonated beverages can also be used.

Tip #2 – Keep your Car in the Garage

Extreme cold has always been a big enemy of batteries. If possible, keep your car in the garage and that will protect the motor, transmission and all systems. Your garage is usually at least 20 degrees warmer than outdoors on those cold days.

Tip #3 – Insulate Battery

If you can’t insulate the whole car from cold weather, then try insulating just the battery. Some auto parts stores sell a battery cover that works much the same as a cover for a toaster.

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Tip #4 – Solar Charging

This is the Green method of recharging a dead battery and it really does work. Solar chargers for a car battery are fairly cheap and easy to use. It is possible to overcharge the battery so most experts recommend using as monitor that tells you when the battery is fully charged.

Tip #5 – Distilled Water

Many experts claim that batteries should only be filled with distilled water. They say that this can prevent leakage of your charge and ensure a healthy battery through good and bad weather. This is an inexpensive tip that anyone can do.

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