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Signs That Your Car Needs Air Conditioning Repair

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You might think that identifying a problem with the car’s air conditioner is a pretty simple task, but since they can go out gradually, you may not realize that your air isn’t as cold as it should be. A few of the more common problems include:

  • A decrease in air flow
  • A mildew or musty odor
  • Air just won’t get cold enough
  • A/C stops working altogether

Usually, we think of the Freon as being low, but there are a number of other things that can go wrong with your car’s air conditioner. For instance, a fuse can blow out and need to be replaced.  If the A/C has stopped working altogether, then this is the most likely cause. Another common problem is the bad odor that we sometimes smell. This can easily be fixed by setting the unit to “outside air” instead of “recirculate”. This should be done periodically to keep the unit cleared of foul lingering odors.

In many cases, you simply need to top off the unit’s refrigerant in order to get it cooling properly again. Sometimes, it may be necessary to evacuate and recharge the system though. If refrigerant is leaking out, it’s important to find the leak and stop it. Refrigerants leaking into the atmosphere can damage the earth’s ozone layer.

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Your air conditioner has numerous hoses, pressure switches, pipes and other parts that can wear out. In the worst case scenario, the compressor goes out and must be replaced. This can be costly, so be sure to look around for a reputable repair shop that won’t overcharge. As part of the repair process, any good garage will check everything for you while they’re in there repairing whatever is broken. Do be sure to ask about this though.

If you have a good relationship with a local repair shop, then take your car in once a year and have the air conditioner serviced and checked out. This can make it last years longer and avoid any inconvenient breakdowns. As with most breakdowns, they always happen at the worst possible time, so avoiding that can alleviate some stress and keep you cool.

Car Air Conditioning Repair

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