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Getting to Know Your Vehicle: Brake System

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Brakes West Palm Beach Car Repair - Getting to know your car's brake system

You drive your car every day, but much of the inner workings are likely unknown. Unless you’ve learned how to maintain your vehicle growing up, your car’s braking system is probably a puzzle. Understanding the workings of your brake system and the differences between them are what we do best. Here’s a little glimpse at how your brakes work.

Components of the Brake System

There are two different brake systems that are common in all cars—disc brakes and drum brakes. Some cars have a combination of the two, a different type in front than in back. Disc brakes contain a round disc (rotor) with a caliper assembly containing brake pads between the assembly and the disc. The caliper assembly is designed to be close to, but not touch, the disc. However, when you engage the brake pedal it will come in contact with the disc to stop your car. The disc is connected to the wheel bearing for mounting to the car.

Drum brakes are much different. Instead of having a caliper assembly with pads, the drum is connected to a backing plate with an axle assembly containing a brake shoe, a wheel cylinder connected to the master cylinder through the brake lines, and the wheel bearing.

How Do a Car’s Brakes Work?

The braking system depends on all of these components working well together to get the job done. If one component is off, out-of-whack, broken or missing, your car may not stop when you need it to. When all is functional, the brakes engage with the press of the brake pedal.

Pressure from this engages a piston in the master cylinder to push brake fluid through the brake lines into the calipers and wheel cylinders. Pistons in the calipers and wheel cylinders force either a disc brake pad or drum brake shoe (depending on the type of brake) forward to create friction with either the drum brake wall or disc brake rotor surface.

Trust Brake Repair in West Palm Beach to the Experts at Deals on Wheels

There’s so much more to a smooth-running car than gasoline, tires, and brake pads. Here at Deals on Wheels, we take a look at the bigger picture to diagnose your auto troubles with all related components. If you hear scraping or grinding when you brake, or experience little resistance when pressing the brake pedal, call the braking system experts at Deals on Wheels in West Palm Beach today at (561) 847-4097.




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