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Flush VS Drain: Which Is Better For Your Car?

A good radiator flush can provide numerous benefits for your car’s cooling system and it’s fairly inexpensive. Of course, be sure to consult the owner’s manual for explicit instructions on how to do this and how often it should be done. There is a significant difference between simply draining and refilling the radiator and flushing it out. Anyone with a bit of car repair expertise can drain a radiator and then refill it. Though this can be helpful, you might be better off going with a complete flush instead.

Drain Versus Flush

vehicle-193213_640Flushing your system is a much more lengthy procedure where about 5 gallons of anti-freeze is pushed through the whole system. The point is to get rid of the contaminants and all the old anti-freeze. This is important for older model cars.  Rust and deposits build up over time and cause problems like overheating in older cars. You can flush the whole system and start fresh with clean water, anti-freeze and a fairly clean radiator. In some cases, it may be necessary to just replace the radiator. Ask your mechanic about this before paying for a full flush.

With the draining option, there are some benefits but only about half the contaminants will be removed during the draining process. Normally, around 50% of the old anti-freeze remains, along with much of the rust and debris. Your mechanic may also talk about lubricating the water pump to lengthen its life using coolant system products. The experts argue about whether coolant system products really do provide lubrication to your water pump and thermostat. The effectiveness of this is usually determined by the make and model of your car. Newer cars don’t require water pump lubrication.

Anti-Freeze Products

Newer high-tech anti-freeze products offer numerous benefits. Each year new products come out on the market that say they can clean the gas, gas lines, fuel pump, radiator, water pump and many other systems. Always consult your owner’s manual or speak to an expert at your favorite garage. Some of these products do more harm than good. Just about all drivers have had both good and bad experiences with certain products, but it’s a good idea to do your homework before proceeding.

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