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Many companies large and small now outsource their fleet maintenance services and for good reason. This has shown to be a cost-savings approach to your company’s need for a line of vehicles. Regardless of what type of company you run, you probably need at least a few company cars for specific employees along with several vans for deliveries. Autos that are used in business simply wear out quicker.

A busy organization can put thousands of miles on their vehicles each year. That’s a whole lot of oil changes, new tires, and engine overhauls. Imagine if one of your vans needs engine work. The cost of this alone could be thousands of dollars and suddenly the month’s expenditures have skyrocketed. With fleet maintenance, you can usually count on a regular monthly charge. In addition, a comprehensive turnkey fleet solution can take all the pressure off and ensure that business will go along as usual each week.

Saving Money on Fleet Maintenance

If you’re currently searching for fleet maintenance services, then check the local companies to see what they have to offer. Ask for references. Check them out online. They will want to know basic info, such as how many company vehicles there are, the age, model, mileage and other important info. If you are negotiating with several places, then let them know. Sometimes if a company knows that you’re on the fence about which service to choose, they’ll offer some additional bonuses to get your business.

The most critical Fleet Maintenance Services to look for are:

  • Regular preventative maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotation
  • Repairs, such as brakes, tires, wheel alignment, and suspension
  • Inspections, as required by the state
  • Emergency repairs. Do they charge extra for towing?
  • Transmission service. This can be expensive on any auto.

Tips for Success

Analyze your budget impact and take a look at both direct and indirect maintenance costs. You might save hundreds of dollars each year by choosing a 3 – 5 year plan, as opposed to a short-term contract. Be sure to have a clear understanding of exactly what is included in your plan and whether they charge extra for certain things.

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