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Commercial Dump Truck Tires

Commercial Dump Truck Tires

There is no other truck on the market like a dump truck. These trucks are used for transporting heavy and light goods. They are the most widely used truck in America due to their wide application range. Its modern tread design ensures strength and durability. Their durability, strength, and wear resistance are also increased by the well-designed, rugged-engineered wheels. There are many sizes available to meet different road requirements. If you are looking for the best place to buy Commercial Dump Truck Tires you are in luck! Look no further than Deals On Wheels!

For commercial use, there are two types of truck tires: round-rod and straight-arm. Straight-arm tires are the most versatile, durable, and economical of all dump truck tires. These tires are ideal for use on heavy-duty pickups, flatbeds, and trucks that travel on the highway. Straight-arm tires feature solid grooves that run parallel to one another and are spaced at equal distances. They lack the deep grooves at the center of their tread pattern, which allows for greater flexibility in handling and sliding heavy loads.

Most commonly, round-rod dump truck tires will be used on large rigs with an extended wheelbase such as off-road vehicles and recreational vehicles. Heavy equipment tires combine a straight and a round tire for maximum lifting power and traction on uneven terrain. These tires are compatible with most standard tires. This makes them very popular with different tire manufacturers. Because of their flexibility, they are easy to drive into and out of your garage.

Usually, dump truck tires are advertised with some kind of hype about how they can drastically improve any vehicle’s handling or performance. Although this type of advertisement is not uncommon, newer dump truck tire dealers are trying to make it more compelling with a lengthy ad campaign. A TV commercial might show a truck or car pulling up beside a dump truck, with the tag line “This Tire has Triple-A Steel.” This is an example of the heavy-duty tires being promoted and what they can offer. Funny commercials are another way dealers highlight the unique features of each tire. Some dump trucks have a reversible hydrostatic bite, which allows drivers to change to different traction conditions.

Durability and dependability are two of the most prominent features of tires. Advertising is a huge part of the marketing budgets of many companies. Dealers will be promoting their tires heavily. Most dump truck tires have excellent tread, good tread, and radial crossing-plying which gives them great strength and rigidity in all situations. Depending on the model and manufacturer, there may be additional benefits like suspension systems or other features.

Companies are required to display the number of each tire that they sell in some countries or by local laws. Dump trucks are required to transport large loads on the open roads. It is essential that people are familiar with the laws in the area where the vehicle will be used. Individuals can easily find the correct tire for them by displaying the number of the registered tire on the advertisement. Dealers still advertise their products extensively, even though there are no laws that require it. This allows them to attract customers who are interested in what the dealer has to offer.

Low boy tires


255 70 22.5

215 75 r17.5

235 75 17.5

225 70 19.5

245 70 19.5

265 70 19.5

315 80 22.5

425 65 22.5 (Dump Truck – Floater – Roll Off)

385 65 22.5 (Dump Truck – Floater – Roll Off)

Floater tire

Dump Truck

Cement Mixer

Car Haulers

Low pro 22.5

295r75 22.5








Commercial Dump Truck Tires


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