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Body Lift Kits vs. Suspension Lift Kits

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Two of the most popular upgrades to any new truck are the Body and Suspension Lifts. With today’s technology, Body and Suspension Lift kits are more accessible and affordable than ever. What most drivers want to know is which way to go: should you choose a body lift or a suspension lift? So let’s discuss the pros and cons.

The Body Lift

Body Lift Kits West Palm Beach FL
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On a truck, this will give you a higher ride height because it adds spacers between the bed and cab. Though the body is higher, the suspension, chassis and wheels are the same distance from the ground. This type of upgrade requires you to raise the bumpers and extend the steering column in keeping with the new height. There are other modifications as well but the kit should include everything you’ll need.

This is a great look with increased tire clearance and it’s affordable and relatively easy to install. It doesn’t affect your ride quality either. The body lift does leave a gap between the truck’s frame and the rest of the vehicle, which can be unsightly. This can be fixed with a gap guard.

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The Suspension Lift

A suspension lift actually creates vehicle clearance with longer coil springs, torsion bar keys, coil spring spacer, taller leaf springs, lift blocks and shackles and others. If you plan to do quite a bit of off-roading, then this is the best solution. You’ll have real increases in tire clearance, along with better suspension and performance when racing across a muddy field or along a steep slope.

The suspension lift is a more expensive choice, but you’ll have a higher center of gravity. Three inches is the max you can raise a truck and you won’t be improving your truck’s performance. There are many small details to get just right in order to make this work like it should so hire a pro for this upgrade.  This is not a task for DIYers.

Whichever way you go, be sure to do as much research as possible and get some experienced help along the way. There are many intricate details to get just right for the best outcome.

 Body Lift Kits West Palm Beach FL

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