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7 Signs Your Car Needs A Brake Inspection

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Brake safety is one of those car care areas where motorists often don’t take action unless there’s a sign or warning. In August each year, the Car Care Council promotes brake safety through their observance of Brake Safety Awareness Month. The council reminds drivers of the dangers of bad brakes using public service announcements and the media.

The experts agree that there are far fewer crashes involving bad brakes once drivers are aware of the warning signs of impending brake failure.  According to the Car Care Council, there are seven definitive signs that brakes are compromised and may fail. If you’ve been experiencing any of these signs, then be sure to get to a reputable mechanic as soon as possible and have your brakes checked.

The 7 Signs of Brake Failure:

  1. brake inspectionUnusual Noises – this is usually the first thing a driver will notice when it comes to bad brakes. You might hear an odd noise when applying the brakes that can range from clicking and grinding to screeches.
  2. Low Pedal – this is where the brake pedal must be pressed almost to the floor before engaging.
  3. Grabbing – Touch the brake pedal and you’ll notice a grasping or seizing sensation.
  4. Vehicle Pulls – Step on the brakes and the car pulls to one side or the other.
  5. Hard Pedal – Do you have to stomp the brakes to make them work? This is a sign you need brakes!
  6. Brake Light – Some cars are equipped with a brake light on the vehicle’s dashboard. This may only indicate that you need brake fluid but always check out any lights on the dashboard.
  7. Vibration – You step on the brakes and feel a strange vibration. Have this checked right away.

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Normal driving will put wear and tear on all the working parts of your vehicle including the brakes. Depending upon your driving habits, brakes might last for 4 or 5 years. If you have any strange signs, then it’s best to have this checked right away. Replacing the brakes is an easy, inexpensive job. Be sure and work with a local garage that has a good reputation in the community so you know you’re getting what you pay for.

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