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295 60 22.5 Car Haulers

295 60 22.5 Car Haulers

A car hauler truck is a commercial truck that is equipped to tow a specialized car-hauling trailer. Some car haulers are high mount, meaning they use a traditional 5th wheel that connects to the trailer above the rear axles of the truck. Other car haulers are stingers, with a 5th wheel that connects to the trailer low to the ground. Stinger configurations are quite common in car hauling because they can accommodate more cars per load, with their combined trailer and tractor head racks. If you are looking for the best shop to buy 295 60 22.5 Car Haulers from, you are in luck, look no further than Deals On Wheels!

We have tires of every size and for every budget, and our knowledgeable staff always takes the time to discuss your driving patterns with you to determine the best set for your vehicle and your lifestyle. We make every experience with us as easy as possible. As we guide you through the entire purchase, we make sure you are pleased and completely comfortable with your wheel enhancement.

Car hauler trucks that use a stinger are not quite as versatile as high-mount trucks, which can tow a variety of trailer types. But because the stinger allows for better utilization of space on a double-decker car hauling a trailer, most specialized automotive transport companies make use of car haulers with stingers. Open car carrier trailers and enclosed vehicle transport companies both employ stinger trailers in their fleets.

Transwest has a variety of car haulers for sale, both stinger and high mount, ensuring that car hauling companies can find what they are looking for. Due to the specialized nature of the trucks in the car hauling industry, it’s important to buy from professionals who know exactly what your business needs. The experienced Transwest team provides sales and service support across the automotive transportation industry and will simplify the process, saving companies time and money.

For all things tires, West Palm Beach residents know to turn to the experts at Deals On Wheels. Whether you need to buy new tires for your car, or simply need flat tire repair, tire rotation or wheel alignment, our friendly team is happy to help! Your tires can be overlooked for far too long because drivers underestimate the benefits of maintaining new purchased and serviced tires. The driving experience will always be enhanced, as well as the vehicle’s performance, by quality tire sales and service. Our technicians are interested in your complete car care, and that includes caring for what’s under the hood, and what’s under your feet. For optimum performance of your wheels and tires, come to our repair shop to receive outstanding sales and service.

295 60 22.5 Car Haulers


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295 60 22.5 Car Haulers
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