What Is Alignment?

what is alignment What is Alignment? Many times you can easily tell when your car alignment is off. One of the most common symptoms is that your vehicle will pull to the left or to the right. One simple test is to drive down a street (choose one that is not crowded) at about 40 miles an hour and let go of the steering wheel for a few seconds. Your automobile should stay fairly straight in the lane, but if it begins to veer to one side, then this indicates that your wheel alignment needs to be adjusted.

Car Alignment Facts

Another common symptom is tires that squeal especially when you are turning a corner. In some instances, there are very subtle indications and it can be difficult to tell that your auto alignment needs adjustment. If you notice that your tires are wearing more on one side than the other, this is a sure indication that you have a wheel alignment problem.

Aligning your wheels consists of adjusting the angles so that they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. Over time your wheel alignment can become out of adjustment. This is even more true for those who drive over bumpy roads and rough terrain. For off-road vehicles and motor sport competitions the angles are often adjusted beyond the normal range for various reasons.

What Is AlignmentFor the average driver, keeping your car alignment adjusted properly will reduce tire wear and make your car easier to handle. Regardless of how you drive your car, it will eventually need to have the wheels aligned. This is not a complex or expensive procedure, but it is an important one. With tires so expensive these days, you can easily extend the life of your tires simply by having car alignment done about once a year.

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