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Do I Really Need a New Air Filter?

Your automobile is a precision electro-mechanical instrument that constantly needs maintenance. The sensors and computer technology that tweak it for performance are nuanced and constantly calculating the ideal air and fuel mixture to produce something called Stoich. Stoich is a mathematical calculation that quantifies the ideal atomized fuel and air mixture needed for complete combustion.

Many auto owners install large cold air intakes to maximize the availability of colder oxygen-dense airflow to the engine. When matched with a high flow exhaust system, the owner reaps the benefit of breathing more life into the engine at each revolution. The system runs more efficiently and also releases lowered emissions.

The Importance of an Air Filter

Whether you have a large volume cold air intake or a factory set up, the air filters on your vehicle protect the engine from sucking in harmful dust and particles. This debris can erode the internals and damage the precision surfaces of your engine. If your air filter is clogged up, you will experience power and performance losses. The catalytic converter can deteriorate or clog up if it is forced to convert the improperly combusted exhaust byproducts.

Air Filter Replacement With Other Service

If you need an oil change in West Palm Beach, it is always a good idea to have the mechanic check your air filter at the same time. The air filter is usually located in a large black plastic housing near the car battery. This airbox features a large hose that is connected to the intake port near the throttle body of the engine. The housing lid usually unclips in a few minutes with nothing more than a small screwdriver or fingertips to pry up the clasps. Newer engines may have an engine cover that needs to be pull off first to allow access to the airbox.

If the filter is noticeably filled with soot or brittle, your mechanic should suggest that you replace it. One trick that some shops use is to show customers a dirty filter that they keep on hand. Deals on Wheels is the premier service center in the West Palm Beach area. We attract lifelong customers with the quality of services performed and have no need to rely upon cheap tricks to pad the bill.

When you need trustworthy assistance with your vehicle, contact Deals on Wheels at (561) 847-4097 for an oil change in West Palm Beach, complete with a new air filter – but only if needed!

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