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Auto Repair Services West Palm Beach

Great car services are important to keep your vehicle in shape. At Deals on Wheels, we know it’s important to find the best auto repair services in West Palm Beach. If it’s time for your auto repair services, we invite you to drive over and pay us a visit at Deals on Wheels! We offer repairs, maintenance and the best auto services. Whether you need services for your car, truck or van, you can count on us!

How do I know that I need auto repair services in West Palm Beach?

There are many different ways your car may tell you that it’s time to stop by our shop for auto repair services. Your check engine light is one of the biggest indicators that it’s time to have your vehicle looked at. While a check engine light can let you know that something is wrong with your car, it can be a mystery to uncover the exact problem. That’s because a check engine light can be illuminated by many problems, such as:

  • A loose gas cap
  • Mass airflow sensor replacement
  • Old spark plugs
  • Thermostat replacement
  • MAF replacement
  • Catalytic converter replacement
  • O2 sensor replacement
  • Faulty ignition coils

If your car’s check engine has come on, there’s no need to panic! Different vehicles may have systems to indicate the severity of a problem, you can find the guide in your manual. For example, in some vehicles, a flashing check engine light indicates a major problem. In other vehicles, the light may change color depending on problem severity.

Consult your vehicle’s manufacturer owner’s manual to understand the severity of your issue. If your car is still safe to drive, come over and visit us at Deals on Wheels for the best auto repair services in West Palm Beach! We can run diagnostics to determine the cause of your check engine light.

How else will my car tell me I need to take it to the mechanic?

Other vehicle issues may not kick off your car’s check engine light. Instead, other lights may illuminate on your dashboard. Or, your car may have performance issues such as overheating, breaking problems and issues staying aligned. If your vehicle isn’t performing at its very best, it’s time to stop by our shop for the best auto repair services in West Palm Beach. Check engine light? Vehicle performance issues? Come visit our experts at 3292 Shawnee Ave #9 for the best auto repair services in West Palm Beach!

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